DecisionsEnsure your company is ready to weather today's highly competitive business environment with help from The Enterprise Modeler LLC.  

Our business modeling software and services make identifying changes and determining outcomes easy. That's because it uses basic and familiar building blocks like organizations, resources, activities, and services to mimic real-work environments, providing your company with insightful and decisionable data. Ideal for financial decision makers and your program management office (Click Here)!


Agility is a necessary ingredient to position your company in this ever changing market. It implies you have the ability to react quickly to changing pressures that threaten your advantages. This ability is based on your understanding of your product and service delivery.

... but - what controls do you have that allow you to re-marshal your resources in a way that there is no loss of continuity?  Imagine a system that lets you see the allocation of monies to business processes, to organizations, to service delivery, ... ? What if these are available from a single model?