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Remarkably Intuitive

 The TEM Modeler captures the orthogonality of organization accounting and product/service delivery. Your accounting roll up directly relates to your organizational structure. Your product and service delivery crosses the organizational boundaries. TEM extends the Activity Based Costing (ABC) paradigm in a unique way that:

  • Localizes cost accrual
  • Formalizes organizational responsibilities
  • Formalizes organizational offerings
  • Assures you that the delivery unit cost roll up is traceable to the organizational accounting.



The TEM Modeler provides a pricing module that lets you target specific GPM on a product/service, a group of products/services, or all of your products/services. It also lets you export the result to a spreadsheet. You can commit the results to the database and export to your other business applications. You can apply a discount factor to allow your sales personnel leeway with your clients.







Combining Projects Into Programs 

The TEM Modeler lets you look at the investment profile of a single project or multiple projects combined into a single program. Consider, for example five global Information Technology (IT) programs to combine service desks, unify the End User Computing teams, combine the multiple Active Directory efforts, unify the corporate messaging, and centralize the desktop services. The Modeler lets you profile each investment or combine investments into a single profile.







Leveling the Playing Field

Level Playing FieldThe TEM Modeler lets you consistently describe your programs. The current and future states are identified along with the cost of transformation. The cost of transformation is divided into two parts: development and deployment, each with its own schedule. The various other costs are divided into three parts: those that occur at the front end, those at the back end and those that occur during the project/program execution. The result is an accurate financial view of the project/program.






Cost Transparency

Ever wondered how the product/service costs were determined? Our methodology provides the answer! Each cost contribution can be peeled back to display sources and amounts. The sources may be nested services/processes, resources, or work. No matter the source, the referencing product/service identifies its demand and accrued cost. A complete picture at your fingertips.










 Program Timeliness

Investment Cash FlowInvestment AnalysisYou know which programs you want to choose, but what if one or more are early late? The TEM Modeler software gives you investment and cash flow impact on one or multiple programs! Simply choose which projects will be included, select the delivery timeliness and you receive instant feedback. Each cash flow curve is accompanied by an investment profile showing ROI, IRR, NPV of the hurdle rate, and cumulative benefit.